AO 2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Opening Symposium: Reflecting on the present, exploring the future

The Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) 2018 Annual Meeting theme of “Inspiring Imagination – Enhancing Health,” will reflect on how dental implant treatment impacts health care, while exploring future treatment concepts and modalities.

To kick off this four-day scientific conference (February 28 – March 3, 2018), the Opening Symposium will feature two keynote speakers: Drs. Harold Slavkin and Stephen Chen on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, followed by three other expert lecturers that will drive home the 2018 theme.

Now is the time to prepare for a major transformation in clinical approaches to personalized health care, including precision dentistry and medicine, according to Dr. Slavkin, professor and dean emeritus at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California. His presentation, “Personalized Oral Health and the Future for Dental Implants,” will explore the foundation for precision health care. The cornerstone of precision dentistry and medicine is targeting treatment to a patient’s specific needs on the basis of genetics, biomarker, epigenetic, phenotypic, and socioeconomic or psychosocial determinants.

“Imagine the right diagnosis for the right person that enlists personalized treatment with predictable outcomes,” said Dr. Slavkin. “The goal of precision dentistry is to minimize errors in diagnosis, improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary side effects.”

“Contemporary Concepts of Socket Wound Healing” will be the subsequent presentation by Dr. Stephen Chen, a periodontist in private practice in Melbourne, Australia and clinical associate professor at the School of Dentistry, The University of Melbourne. In this lecture, the physiological processes involved in alveolar ridge resorption will be reviewed. Dr. Chen will explore and discuss two contrasting approaches of preservation or reconstruction of the ridge in light of contemporary evidence.


Sinus grafting has become one of the best documented techniques to improve bone volumes of the posterior edentulous maxilla whenever the residual bone volume is insufficient to host dental implants because of sinus expansion and/or alveolar ridge atrophy, says Dr. Matteo Chiapasco, professor and head, Unit of Oral Surgery in the Department of Biomedical, Surgical, and Dental Sciences at the University of Milan, and visiting associate professor at Loma Linda University. Dr. Chiapasco’s presentation, “Managing the Difficult/Complicated Maxillary Sinus: Tips and Tricks,” will provide rational surgical protocols and simplify the treatment of difficult sinuses.

Rounding out the Opening Symposium will be the team of Dr. Markus Hürzeler and Dr. Otto Zühr. From the surgical step-by-step procedures to the design of the final restoration, Drs. Hürzeler and Zühr will offer important measures to give practical support to dentists for their day-to-day clinical work with their presentation, “Implant Therapy in Course of Time: Genius Discoveries, Brilliant Ideas & Pioneering Innovations: What has Remained Today.”

The Opening Symposium is sure to provide a meaningful kickoff to AO’s 2018 Annual Meeting. To see the full schedule of this premier conference and to register, please see our Annual Meeting website. Don’t forget: early bird pricing ends January 8, 2018!