AO 2018 Annual Meeting

A Reflection Panel with the “Wise of Implant Dentistry”

By Michael Norton, BDS, FDS, RCS (Ed)
AO President

Attendees of the Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) Annual Meeting in Los Angeles (February 28 – March 3, 2018) will not only experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood but more importantly, unparalleled substance from this premier, four-day scientific meeting.

While an impressive lineup of lecturers will drive home the 2018 theme of “Inspiring Imagination — Enhancing Health,” one of the meeting’s program changes I am personally very excited about is the Reflection Panel on Saturday as part of the 2018 Closing Session, “Controversies in Current Implant Therapy – A Conversation with the Wise!”

During this segment, I will moderate a panel discussion with what you might call “the wise of implant dentistry” that will feature Drs. Tomas Albrektsson, David Cochran, Ole Jensen, Stephen Parel and Dennis Tarnow, who will reflect on the past and look into future of implant therapy. This unique session will provide an opportunity for delegates to listen to some of the world’s most experienced and wisest clinicians in the field of implant dentistry give their views on current hot topics such a peri-implantitis, primary stability and immediate loading.

What’s unique about this session is that the Reflection Panel will not involve lectures at all, and its conversational format will allow me to pose challenging and often probing questions to each of the panel members to tease out their views and to debate their differences of opinion.

Members of the audience will then be able to field their own questions and comments to ensure that this session provides the fullest of audience participation. It promises to be 75 minutes of enthralling and engaging discussion!


This format is brand new for AO and I would contend a new concept for any dental congress to have a whole session purely dedicated to debate. What’s more, it’s planned for maximum audience participation, so every delegate can have their say.

The goal for my session will be for attendees to be able to discuss the current hot topics in implant dentistry, explain the differences of opinion with regard to those hot topic areas, and decide how to enhance their own decision making process in regard to implant treatment.

The Reflection Panel is just one session in which attendees will really notice the difference in AO’s 2018 Annual Meeting program — a significantly more collaborative congress that will feature the opportunity to engage with AO’s captivating, world-renowned speakers in lively, real-time discussions.

Reflective of its reputation as the global multi-disciplinary nexus for implant dentistry, AO’s 2018 Annual Meeting will be the perfect place where specialists, general practitioners, lab technicians and dental hygienists will gather to contribute their knowledge and share best practices. There will be something for everyone, so be sure to register today – early bird pricing is in effect until January 8, 2018!