Markus Hurzeler & Otto Zuhr
Markus Hurzeler & Otto Zuhr

Thursday Mar 1

Implant Therapy in Course of Time: Genius Discoveries, Brilliant Ideas, Pioneering Innovations – What Has Remained Today?

  4:30 - 5:30 pm

Opening Symposium

Marcus Hürzeler, DMD, PhD
Otto Zuhr, DDS

In modern dentistry, implants are one of the most popular and sophisticated solutions for the replacement of missing teeth. The more frequent the request for implants from a patient, has become the more challenging and difficult cases that occur in daily business. Until today, the achievement of healing by primary intention without scar formation is still the main goal of any surgical treatment in the oral cavity. At the same time, a harmonic natural contour of the gingiva is – especially in the esthetic zone – highly aspired. A precise planning of the initial incision, the preparation of surgical flaps and the final suturing technique is essential for a successful treatment outcome. The treatment result depends more and more on the patient’s opinion. This presentation will give an overview on current surgical techniques of implant-related soft tissue management and opportunities and risks of modern treatment approaches. From the surgical step-by-step procedures to the design of the final restoration, important measures shall be discussed to give practical support to dentists for their day-to-day clinical work.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to:1) give a short overview on current literature relating to successful treatment outcomes concerning implant therapy; 2) evaluate factors for successful implant therapy; 3) discuss clinical examples of modern techniques for peri-implant soft tissue management; and 4) integrate the findings into modern treatment concepts.