Matteo Chiapasco
Matteo Chiapasco

Thursday Mar 1

Managing the Difficult/Complicated Maxillary Sinus: Tips and Tricks

  3:50 - 4:30 pm

Opening Symposium

Matteo Chiapasco, DDS, MD

Sinus grafting, for many years, has been a reliable and predictable procedure to allow implant placement in the edentulous and atrophic posterior maxillae with little residual bone because of alveolar ridge and/or maxillary sinus expansion. However, in some cases, the presence of single or multiple Underwood septa, pathologic conditions of the maxillary sinus (large antral cysts or sinusitis) or previously failed attempts to graft the sinus, may render this procedure difficult, even in skilled hands. The aim of this lecture is to show the main “tricks and tips” to perform sinus grafting in a predictable way under unfavorable conditions.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) identify potential pre-operative obstacles/contraindications to sinus grafting procedures; 2) explain how to manage sinuses in the presence of large antral pseudocysts; 3) describe options to manage maxillary sinuses presenting sinusitis or sequelae of sinusitis; and 4) discuss how, why, and when to cooperate with ENT surgeons in difficult cases.