Homayoun Zadeh
Homayoun Zadeh

Friday Mar 2

Modular Bone Augmentation (MBA) for 3D Reconstruction of Compromised Bone

  7:00 - 8:00 am

Morning with the Masters

Homayoun Zadeh, DDS, PhD

Patients with atrophic alveolar bone have a variety of different presentations, including vertical versus horizontal atrophy, anatomic features such as flat versus sloped defect walls or concavities, various bone density (e.g. cortical versus cancellous bone). Each of these features can affect the efficacy of bone augmentation, either in a favorable or unfavorable manner. Therefore, the approach utilized needs to thoroughly analyze and classify site and patient characteristics in order to select an appropriate technique, material and protocol. Another consideration is the potential of complication for the selected protocol and a risk assessment to determine the likelihood of encountering negative outcomes based on patient features. Modular Bone Augmentation (MBA) refers to an approach, which is based on the convergence of several components required for successful bone regeneration. MBA will employ different components based on requirements of individual patient and site.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) describe patient and site features which have to be considered and classification of defect morphology; 2) list the components of MBA and selection criteria for the choice of technique, material and protocol; and 3) describe the steps of the most common bone augmentation techniques.