Stefan Renvert, DDS

Laser Treatment for Peri-Implantitis: Myth or Reality?

Stefan Renvert holds a position as Professor and Research Director at Kristianstad University, Sweden. He is also Honorary Professor at Dublin Dental Hospital, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and at the University of Hong Kong. He also holds a Guest Professorship at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. Professor Renvert is past chairman the Swedish Society of Periodontology, past chairman of the EFP and past Secretary General of the EFP. He was Scientific Chairman for Europerio 5 in Madrid 2005 and Chairman of the Europerio 6 meeting in Stockholm 2009. Professor Renvert was also Scientific Chairman for the 2nd Master Clinic meeting in Malta 2017. This meeting was devoted to diagnosis and treatment of Peri-implantitis. Professor Renvert has published more than150 papers in international peer reviewed journals. Professor Renvert´s research focuses on treatment of peri-implantitis, oral malodor, periodontal health and disease in the elderly population and risk the association of periodontal disease to general diseases. Professor Renvert has more than 15 years of experience in analyzing data on diagnosis and treatment of peri-implant diseases and has published 60 papers on this specific subject. Many of the randomized clinical trials that he has published have evaluated the effect of different treatment models such as mechanical non-surgical therapy, the use of local and generalized antibiotics and different surgical regenerative methods. Prof Renvert has also together with Dr. Jean Louis Giovannoli published a book on peri-implantitis.