Markus Hurzeler DMD, PhD | Otto Zuhr, DDS
Markus Hurzeler DMD, PhD | Otto Zuhr, DDS

Friday Mar 2

The Composition of the Peri-implant Mucosa and its Impact on Peri-implant Disease Prevention

  7:00 - 8:00 am

Morning with the Masters

Markus Hürzeler, DMD, PhD
Otto Zuhr, DDS

In times of increasing demands for implants, long-term prevention of peri-implant infections become more and more of the focus in dental surgery. Moreover, situations become often complicated as corrections of the soft tissues are often inevitable in order to compensate for former volumetric losses in the course of implant placement. Understanding biological interactions around implants is, in this context, fundamental for a contemporary soft tissue management, answering patients’ expectations and providing a stable and healthy situation on a long-term. This presentation will give an overview on biological factors influencing the long-term stability of peri-implant tissues and discuss opportunities and risks of different treatment approaches for peri-implant infections and the maintenance of a healthy situation. Important practical measures will be discussed in order to share new insights on clinical routines.

Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) provide a short overview on current literature relating to the composition of peri-implant soft tissues; 2) evaluate factors for a successful long-term prevention of peri-implantitis; 3) discuss clinical examples of treatment concepts for peri-implantitis; and 4) integrate the findings into contemporary treatment approaches.